Who is ‘The Arc Reactor’

Arc reactor

So, I thought If I’m going to be writing this blog. If people are going to read it, see all the pointless things that I write about, and read my reviews etc. That you deserve to know a little about me.

I would say I’m a fairly average 20 year old, nothing particularly different of special about me. I enjoy movies, videogames and basically being a nerd. But then on the other hand, I also love going to the gym, drinking with my friends and hanging out with the very special lady in my life (Wildfire567.wordpress.com – look her up, I might be ‘the arc reactor’ but she is what truly keeps my heart going). I have a slight obsession with superheroes, and I go through phases with different heroes, my two favourites being Batman and Iron Man, but I am totally Iron Man at the moment. Before I start to sound too much like a young child I’ll move on.

I have many aspirations in life, some of which I’m living right now, some I hope to come soon and others which, lets face it, will probably never happen. I think winning the euromillions, buying a Lamborghini and moving into a giant mansion, may well fit into the latter category, but fingers crossed all the same. I have a future career in mind that I’m slowly moving towards achieving but I’ll keep that to myself. I would love to have gone into a career of writing, but this love has come late and with a lack of qualifications, training or natural talent, I’m afraid my writing escapades will have to remain on the freedom of the internet.

For now I’m going to leave it at that, feel free to ask me any questions!
The Arc Reactor


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