Review time – Oblivion


As mentioned in my first post, I love the cinema. Films make up a large part of my life, I spend a lot of time sitting and enjoying the many different forms of cinema we have to offer. So I thought why not write down my opinion of these films, get my opinions out there into public view.

So I’ll start with a movie that I went to see yesterday. Oblivion, on the surface looks like an average sci-fi film, set in a dystopian future where an alien race has invaded, started a war and left the world in pieces. They first landed on and destroyed the earths moon which then caused a domino effect on our planet, where cities are destroyed by earthquakes and other natural phenomena. This was an interesting enough idea to grab my interest, so off I went, beautiful girlfriend in tow, prepared for an average but interesting film.

I would say I’m a fair guy, if I’m wrong about something then I admit that I’m wrong. In this instance, I would say that I was wrong. Oblivion, was not just another sci-fi movie, it wasn’t average. It was fantastic. The storyline deviated from where I expected it too, and although parts were fairly predictable, there was enough twists and turns to keep you interested.

The acting in the film was superb, I’ll be honest, Tom Cruise would not be my number one choice for any character these days. I don’t usually enjoy his acting, but Oblivion was an exception to this rule. He played his character ‘Jack’ very well, you beloved the confusion, within Jack’s mind, you believed the emotion and you felt for his character, so when the last act came around you were happy and supportive, you wanted him to succeed. I would personally say that the best acting came from Andrea Riseborough, her character was so full of emotion, she was scripted well, but she brought so much feeling, you forgot you were in a movie, you felt like you were watching a woman break down as she repeatedly fears for the person she loves, but is torn by her faith in what she wanted in her future. In the end her faith comes first and she ends up regretting that decision, in the short moment that she can. I believe Morgan Freeman deserves a mention too as he as per usual plays a fantastic part.

The effects in the movie were great, there were many shots of the landscape where you could see demolished cities and stadiums. They looked real, the destruction looked how you would imagine it perfectly. All of this brought you into the film more and more, even more abstract objects such as the drones looked fantastically detailed, to help immerse you.

I’ll stop before I go into any more detail which would include spoilers, as I wouldn’t want to ruin any part of this film for you. I highly recommend you go and watch!


Pros: Acting, soundtrack, storyline, pretty much everything

Cons: The minority of scenes which just don’t work, such as the ending which could have been better

So everyone go watch, enjoy and let me know what you think!

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